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Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo

I present to you the Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo.  What’s so different about this tri bag you ask? Firstly, it dons a chair! Yes, a chair.  A fold up seat to rest those tired legs in transition. Perfect for when the race is over and and you don’t feel like bending down to take those running kicks off. Beyond the chair, there’s a plethora of pockets and zippers.  One main as pictured below, which is sectioned off into additional pockets, and then another main.  If you’re thinking this many pockets on a tri bag is overkill,  then try to use a standard backpack for a race and see how hard it is to keep track of the insane amount of items we trek around to and from training and races. Everything seems to have a place in the Revo.

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